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2-month development progress - August 14th

Dear players, 

A few weeks back we introduced to you our roadmap for 2020. We have a long way ahead of us, and we appreciate everyone who chooses to share this trip with us. We believe that keeping you informed on our progress is one of the essential things for our community. Today we would like to put together changes we have introduced since the beginning of Season 1 and update you on our work in progress.

What’s done so far

The introduction of seasons was one of the biggest content updates of these two month. It included such significant features as ranked matches, seasonal progression and rewards that included new apparels, weapon and body skins and other cosmetic items.

Apart from that, our team delivered several technical and gameplay updates that were aimed at boosting your gameplay experience. Here are some of the changes introduced since Season 1 began. 

Please note that this list is just a throwback to what we have already shared with you. We are still working on further polishing of several listed features as we strive to make Warface: Breakout more comfortable to play for everybody.

Technical improvements

  • Movement and hit registration - introduced preliminary movement fixes that are a part of our new movement system. That update decreased a number of teleports and desyncs as well as helped to improve hit reg. Changed running mechanics - running speed now depends on weapon weight.
  • FPS drops - reduced FPS drops due to map optimization and rework of disc reading processes. 
  • Freezes - reduced freezes upon such actions as beginning of a new round, firefights, death and side change.
  • Sound changes - fixed announcer phrases, added knife sounds, changed the volume of combat and introduced sound improvements for grenades and situational awareness sounds (i.e. enemy’s footsteps that help to detect their whereabouts).
  • UI changes - added ping and mic status to the scoreboard; enabled map browsing during a match and damage indicators on a mini-map.

Gameplay improvements

  • Ranked matches - added penalties for AFK, team kills or intentional leaving; added warning messages for killing teammates; removed penalties for killing in Free Fire mode; enabled Surrender vote.
  • Profile statistics - added more details to the profile (e.g. K/D ratio, accuracy, headshots percentage and time played.)
  • Controls - added stick layout for left handers.

What’s next

Apart from preparing for Season 2 and working on new features, оne of our priorities for the near future is ensuring game stability and enabling necessary quality of life improvements. We have shared details about some of the upcoming changes and fixes in our previous “Developer Update”, and today we would like to elaborate more on our work in progress. We aim to deliver the changes listed in today’s article by the start of Season 2 or even sooner.  As usual, we will use categories from our roadmap.


Movement and hit registration

We have already installed an update that contained some of the fixes. It has positively influenced the situation with distorted movement, teleports and hit registration, but we aren’t going to stop at that. At the moment we are working on the next part of movement system improvements that are aimed to polish the overall gaming experience.

The plan is to install the next part of improvements by the end of August and continue working on movement and hit reg in September. We will tell you more about them in a separate article. We hope that these changes can become an important landmark on our way to make Warface: Breakout a better game.

Freezes fix & FPS improvement

We continue working on smoother gameplay. On August 5 we introduced more freezes fixes, but some players might still experience stutters after playing several matches. We are focusing on solving this issue. Several fixes are planned to be delivered later this month. Your feedback on this matter is of utmost importance for us. Do not hesitate to share any details, especially with video captures.


Grenade rework

We are currently testing further fixes that include correct ricochet patterns, re-balance changes and possibility to pick up grenades and drop them after death. If the tests prove to be successful, we will be able to introduce the improvements this month.

Statistics fixes

In one of our previous updates we introduced advanced profile statistics. For some players statistics might show inaccurate numbers. We are aware of this situation and already working on improvements of our statistics storage system. We are expecting to install the first part of the fixes by the beginning of September. 

Daily quests

This feature is almost ready and will be delivered as soon as we make sure the system works as intended. Our current plan is to introduce daily quests by the beginning of September. More details are coming soon! 

Thank you for your support! We highly appreciate your dedication and your suggestions that you share with us. Stay tuned for more updates - and good luck on the battlefield!


Warface: Breakout Team