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Warface: Breakout - Roadmap for 2020

Dear players!

We are glad to finally share with you our roadmap for 2020. The roadmap includes improvements on technical and gameplay sides, as we would like our game to improve both of these aspects significantly.

Roadmap for 2020

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Let’s go through the highlights of the roadmap picture to give you more details on this or that change.


As it can be seen from the roadmap, Seasons mark our main content updates. The introduction of each season will bring new cosmetic items, such as new body skins, weapon skins and apparel, new types of cosmetic items (like bomb skins), as well as new content like maps or game modes.

However, as each Season lasts approximately 3 months, all the Seasonal highlights will be delivered within this timeframe. That is, although you will get quite a big bulk of content at the beginning of each Season, many features will be delivered within the 3-month period the Season lasts.

Three main aspects

Each season will bring something new to the three main aspects of the game - new content, technical improvement and gameplay improvement.

  • New content features visual & cosmetic improvements, new visuals and new maps
  • Technical improvement is about fixing the existing problems of the game and bringing the overall competitive experience to a new level
  • Gameplay improvement implies bringing new game modes, holiday events, new challenges and quests, as well as the Quality of Life changes

New content

New cosmetics

Each Season will feature new cosmetic items: body skins, apparel and weapon skins. They will be themed, i.e. be unified by a single stylistic pattern unique for each Season.

A vast majority of them will be available in the course of the Season for free, a small portion will be included into the DLCs you’ll need to get separately (pretty much like in Season 1).

New maps

Many of you said you like our map design and layout, but currently there are only five of them. Season 2 and 3 will feature new maps, at least one for each season. And we’ll try to maintain the level of competitiveness there.

Bomb skins

A new cosmetic item will make it possible to change the skin of the C4 you are planting. We’ll test the color patterns in advance, so that certain skins would not give players any advantage or disadvantage while planting.

Victory poses

Tired of the same poses of your soldier on your final screen? We’ll bring you a variety of poses you’ll be able to choose from.


More cosmetic items are to come - this time you’ll be able to spray them on the walls!

Weapon stickers

Despite having a large variety of skins already, we still think each weapon should have wider customization options. It will be possible to choose a wide range of weapons stickers to wear with different skins.


Speaking of new cosmetics for weapons, we need to mention trinkets, too. Dog tags, trinkets, charms - people call them in different ways, but these small guys you can hang on to your weapons will complete the look of your favourite weapon.

Seasonal leaderboard

It will be possible to track your progress in the monthly ladders and between the seasons and compare it to other players’ performance in the special seasonal leaderboard interface.

Technical improvement

Overall technical polishing

Even after we fix all the major issues we will closely monitor any issues appearing on the radar and try to fix them as soon as possible. Technical state of the game is and will be our top priority.

Freezes fix & FPS improvement

We are planning to completely get rid of freezes, as well as significantly decrease the number of cases when FPS drop to an uncomfortable level within July. This will be our main priority this month regarding the technical side of our project.

Region lock

As of now, you might get matched with players from another server while matchmaking. We will add the Region lock option to ensure this will be your choice to allow it or not.

Movement and hit registration

We will be testing the new system of movement and hit registration throughout July in order to deliver it for you in August. This system will be a complete overhaul of the existing movement logic and will be server-based, not client-based (hence the current desync).

Map fixes

We will keep improving our maps. That includes not only FPS improvement and bug fixes. We are also striving to make the gameplay on all maps as smooth as possible and as “sustained” as possible, decreasing the number of “Press X to climb” places.


We are going to add the possibility of crossplay between PS4 and Xbox. You’ll finally be able to play with your friends even if they are the proud owners of another device.

Tick rate 60

With the new, server-based movement and hit registration system, we will start gradually increasing the tick rate, making it 60 in Season 2.

Matchmaking improvement

We will adjust the casual and ranked matchmaking, so that it would take more factors into consideration for the balancing process than it does now.

FX overhaul

This block features the sound and graphics improvement of the game, e.g. hit effects, explosions and so on.

Gameplay improvement

Grenade rework

Grenades will be reworked in terms of how they are thrown, purchased and deal damage. We would like to see grenade as a more complex mechanics than it is now.
For example, we would like to introduce wall ricochet patterns, so that you could practice complicated throws when you claim a vantage point on the map.

Defusal kit

The only thing we envision to add to our weapon roster this year is the defusal kit that will help the player to defuse the bomb faster.

Detailed player profile

More statistics will be added to browse in the player profile, so that you could track some particular sides of your game experience.

Daily quests

Daily quests are small tasks you’ll be able to complete to get special rewards.

Minimap improvements

You will be able to adjust the size of the minimap, as well as the items that are displayed there. Besides, you will be able to toggle the full map for a better positioning.

Holiday events

Halloween and Winter holidays will feature special themed events. Why not try some event game modes there that may become later available in the game?

Statistics for every weapon

Sometimes you want not to track your overall performance, but the mastery of a particular gun. It will be possible once this feature is introduced.

Weapon progression

Apart from the individual statistics, we’ll also introduce individual weapon progression with special missions. You choose a gun, you get a list of missions, you complete them and increase your weapon progression - and you receive skins and challenge cards as a reward, as simple as that!

Elite challenges

These ones are not called “challenges” for nothing - elite challenges will feature the toughest tasks for the most hardcore of our players. They will be seasonal and will yield unique rewards.

Callout pings

We are planning to significantly enhance our callout ping system, so that you would be able to show all your tactical moves to your team without using a mic. This will be mostly helpful when you are not in a squad.

Weapon test hideout

A separate place where you’ll be able to shoot the dummy targets, check your scopes and skins in action, learn how to throw a grenade and so on.

New game mode

New game modes will be first tested as event modes, and if you like them, we will put them in the game on a permanent basis. No details so far as we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Button mapping

Here we’re talking about full button mapping possibilities, not just certain layouts. You’ll be able to fully customize your controls and use any mapping you like.

Clan system

Squads are nice, but gathering several squads under one clan banner will make your gang more powerful in Warface: Breakout. Clan ladders and challenges are included :)

Custom games

A possibility to create your own game room and set your own rules. Will be very useful for our future tournaments.

Spectator mode

Logged into the game while your friends are playing? You’ll be able to spectate their game and give them useful advice… or roast them. You decide!

This is not the full list of changes - minor fixes, internal technical work and balance changes are something we are planning to introduce all year long, based on the feedback we receive from you.

By the way, some of the things we included into the roadmap, have been based on your suggestions, and we highly appreciate your help with it. We will also be glad to hear your opinion on the roadmap!

Warface: Breakout Team