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Warface: Breakout Season 1 is now live!

We are proud to announce that Season 1 of Warface: Breakout has officially started on June, 18.

What is a season?

Starting from June 18th there will be always a season active for Warface: Breakout. Let’s briefly talk about what these seasons are:

  • Seasons will be free for everyone to participate, seasonal progression will be available for everyone;
  • A season lasts approximately 90 days, so there will be a total of 4 seasons a year (3 seasons in 2020);
  • Each season will include new features, quality of life changes, and a lot of new cosmetic items obtainable via seasonal progression;
  • Each season will include three ranked ladders with unique rewards obtainable only during this season in Ranked matches;
  • Seasons will also feature DLCs containing cosmetic items.

What does Season 1 include?

Ranked matches

The main feature of Season 1 is the introduction of Ranked matches. They will replace the current Hardcore matches and will be played according to Hardcore rules. You will be finally able to compete against each other to see who is the best in Warface: Breakout.

The Ranked ladder will be updated every month, and there will be three separate stages - Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with separate rankings during each stage. So, to claim the top of the ladder, you’ll need to show your skills in all three stages of Ranked matches.

Once the season is over, you will be able to browse your results in the Seasons menu.

Seasonal progression

Apart from the progress in Ranked matches, Season 1 will also feature seasonal progression available for everyone. Complete the seasonal tasks and get unique rewards available only during this season!

Seasonal rewards

Speaking of the rewards - this season will feature a lot of cosmetic items you can get for completing the seasonal challenges and Ranked progress. All the Season 1 rewards will only be obtainable during this season, so don’t miss your chance to get them.

Seasonal rewards include:

  • Seasonal character skins for Wardens and Reapers
  • Seasonal apparel
  • Seasonal weapon skins
  • Seasonal challenge cards
  • Seasonal avatars

Seasonal DLC

The vast majority of the content in every season will be absolutely free for everyone to enjoy. However, for those who crave to stand out even more, we will also have a Seasonal DLC Cosmetic pack containing legendary character skins, epic weapon skins and an exclusive knife.

Unfortunately, Seasonal DLCs are not available for Season 1 yet. Once they find their way into the game, we will immediately let you know about it.

Fixing the game issues

Along with the new season, the update on June 18th has also featured the fixes of some game issues.

You can learn more about the issues that have been fixed here.