Join the battle during the Riot!
  • New challenges

    The confrontation between the Wardens and Reapers continues amidst rebellion in Riot, the fourth season of Warface: Breakout! Awaken your inner beast as you power through rebellious streets and lead your pack into battle.

  • Choose your appearance!

    Riot introduces more character customisation features like newly-added weapon trinkets, plus season-exclusive weapon and character skins, avatars, victory poses, and much more. With the new season you will get access to even more exclusive cosmetics with the Riot cosmetic pack!

  • Ultimate edition

    Warface: Breakout Ultimate Edition includes all the content from the Deluxe Edition, plus the Year 1 Pass.

    Warface Breakout: Ultimate Edition includes:

    • Warface: Breakout
    • 4 Cosmetic Packs (one released alongside every Season during Year 1, each containing exclusive items such as character and weapon skins, player avatars, and more)
    • Vendetta (Knife): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Liberator (M1911): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Redeemer (USP): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Nightslayer: Exclusive player badge and avatar pack