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Developer’s Update - Q&A #2

Dear players,

The new season, Underground, has brought quite a bunch of new content, and hence - new questions about it. We’ll try to answer some of them in today’s Developer’s Update.

Q: You have added some country flags as personal banners, will you add more in the future?

A: Indeed! Just let us know which flags you would like to see in the game, and the most “community-supported” flags will find their way into the game!

Q: Why can't I find some of the skins in the crates?

A: If you browse the inventory and see locked skins that you cannot find neither in the seasonal, nor in the progression boxes, it is likely that such skins are only available via the in-game shop.

Q: Why isn't the weapon progression retroactive?

A: The weapon progression system is a new feature brought with the start of “Underground”. Just like any of the new challenges we introduce, they count for every player anew, for the sake of equal condition on the start.

We understand that for some of those who already mastered this or that weapon it might seem unfair to start everything from the scratch. However, we believe it would be strange and, frankly, just boring to automatically obtain a challenge card the very day it is introduced.

Q: Why are there only kills in weapon progression? Can we make it more diverse?

A: Certainly! The current weapon progression is just the first stage of what will be a complex system of various challenges honed for different weapon types and encouraging the gameplay inspired by the way different weapons are handled: point-blank kills with shotguns, headshots and collaterals with sniper rifles etc.

Q: How does the seasonal leaderboard work?

A: We have received so many questions about the specifics of the seasonal leaderboard that we decided to prepare a separate article in “Mechanics Explained” coming soon. Don’t miss it!

And that is it for today. Feel free to ask more questions about our game, and we will try to answer as many of them as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Warface: Breakout Team