About warface: breakout


Warface: Breakout brings the tactical FPS experience back to its roots with gunplay-focused combat, purchasable weapons, and the thrilling adrenaline rush of the classic "Search and Destroy" game mode. This experience is optimized for consoles, and will evolve with free forthcoming seasonal updates.


    Warface: Breakout focuses on a classic competitive game mode where one team has to plant the bomb while their opponents try to stop them. Players earn credits by defeating opponents and completing objectives — credits can then be spent on new weapons and equipment from at the beginning of each round. The rules are simple, but every match is a unique, heart-pounding battle of tactical wits.


    The Wardens and the Reapers are the most respected and feared mercenary units in the dark underworld of tomorrow. Each game is a showdown between ex-military operators and hot-headed warmongers, and the stakes are extremely high.


    Master over 30 realistic weapons with unique recoil patterns and gunplay styles. Fire assault rifles and SMGs at mid-range, dominate close-quarters combat with shotguns, or hit hard with sniper rifles and machine guns.

  • MAPS

    Explore multiplayer maps designed for tactical and competitive play. From futuristic cities to desert excavation sites, prove yourself in these diverse combat arenas.


    Evolving with every season, Warface: Breakout brings new experiences to the players. Complete seasonal challenges, progress through the ranks and earn new cosmetic items to stand out from the crowd.