Are you ready to go Underground?
  • New challenges

    The second season of Warface: Breakout will take you through the gloomy, war-torn city streets of a new multiplayer map: Slum District! Underground also introduces new mechanics, including weapon progression, elite challenges, callout pings, plus seasonal leaderboards.

  • Choose your appearance!

    Underground brings more character customization options, with new weapon and character skins, victory poses, and weapon stickers. With the new season you will get access to even more exclusive cosmetics with Underground cosmetic pack!

  • Ultimate edition

    Warface: Breakout Ultimate Edition includes all the content from the Deluxe Edition, plus the Year 1 Pass.

    Warface Breakout: Ultimate Edition includes:

    • Warface: Breakout
    • 4 Cosmetic Packs (one released alongside every Season during Year 1, each containing exclusive items such as character and weapon skins, player avatars, and more)
    • Vendetta (Knife): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Liberator (M1911): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Redeemer (USP): Exclusive Legendary weapon skin
    • Nightslayer: Exclusive player badge and avatar pack