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New Season "Riot" is live!

Dear players, 

Welcome to “Riot”, the newest season of Warface: Breakout. Prepare to rush into the fight unfolding on rebellious city streets. Bring your friends and head to battle!

Reworked Sniper Scopes

Sniper scopes now work in a realistic 3D-mode.

New Cosmetics and Challenges

This season you will be able to collect new seasonal progression items and complete new challenges.

The seasonal progression will consist of 45 levels, each earned with experience obtained from playing the game.

Exclusive Seasonal Rewards

Gear up with the Riot Cosmetic Pack that contains season-exclusive cosmetic items:

  • Spring Rabbit (Reaper) and Alpha Wolf (Warden) character skins.
  • Epic weapon skins Toxic (LWRC SMG-45) and Tear Gas (Desert Tech MDR-C).
  • Bloodgrinder knife.

Find a full list of changes below.

Patch Notes


  • Sniper scopes now work in a realistic 3D-mode. While aiming, you won’t see the space around the scope turn dark anymore.
  • Sniper scopes now have realistic lenses.

New Content

  • Available for seasonal progression: 3 new knives, 18 weapon skins, 7 avatars, 1 bomb skin, 5 stickers, 1 victory pose, 2 upgradeable armor sets and 10 stripes.
  • Available in stores: The Riot Cosmetic Pack (seasonal progression items, 2 season-exclusive character skins, 2 weapon skins, 1 knife). 
  • 5 new challenges.