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Thank you for your feedback!

Hello everyone!

We would like to thank each and every of those who are already with us. Though you have just learned about our project, you supported it and believed in us! In just two days, we have received hundreds of comments and a lot of feedback from you. This warm response motivates us to move on and develop Warface: Breakout with even more enthusiasm!

We have read all the feedback we received from you. Today we want to briefly answer the most frequently mentioned or popular questions and comments that you have highlighted.

First of all, we’d like to mention that the top priority for us is to solve the technical problems that you have encountered. After fixing the most critical points, we will move on to introducing the QoL improvements and adding new content.

Let’s go!

Freezes and FPS drops

We received feedback that some of you experience FPS drops and micro freezes. We understand that this problem can be quite nasty, so we are putting it first here.
Our technical experts are already investigating the problem and they are currently suggesting that it may be partially caused by the use of the HDR function. We ask you to try to disable this feature yourself and share the results with us. This will help us understand whether our assumption is true or not. If it is confirmed, we will temporarily disable this function by default in one of the next updates (it will still be possible to turn it back on manually).

In addition to that, the next update will feature some other fixes that will reduce the frequency of freezes.

Note that only after solving this problem we will be ready to consider various Quality of Life proposals (such as the FOV slider).

Strange movement and peeker’s advantage

In future patches, we will apply gradual improvements to the system of movement and registration of the character’s position on the map, which will eventually remove annoying and weird movement and character rendering patterns.

We are already testing some of these changes and will add them in June.

Hit registration

We are currently investigating the problem. It is already clear that the improvements will be split into two parts: providing you with a better feedback regarding the damage and technical improvements.

The first part includes improvements of the overall shooting feedback, including the shooting sounds as well as the improvement of the damage log - the latter will be reworked in the next patches.

The technical part requires additional information from you - be sure to write to our Support Service or our community managers if you think you encountered this problem.

Footstep sounds

We received some feedback about incorrect sounds of characters' movements. Basically, the footstep sounds do not always help to understand where the enemies are coming from and how far they are. We will introduce the first improvements in June, and after that we will continue to refine the sound component of the game further.

The balance of the squad members in different teams

We have already discovered the cause of such an unpleasant situation and are currently testing a potential solution. If the test works out fine, we will include the change in one of the patches in early June.

The list above covers all the problems that pop up in the comments more often than others. However, this is far from all the corrections and improvements that we are going to make in the coming days - we will inform you about them in a separate news with patch notes.

And now we are going to answer the most popular requests for improving the game.


We will gradually improve the animations of characters’ movement and death, as well as many other graphic aspects of the game throughout 2020. However, they will be the second priority after technical fixes and other Quality of Life improvements.

Bomb timer and grenade throw indicator

We want to give you an opportunity to apply their skills and experience, so we decided not to display the bomb timer. We only left the sound that should help to roughly navigate the situation, without giving exact information. But still, given the popularity of the request, we will consider adding a timer to casual mode (it’s casual anyway).
Yet the grenade throw indicator is something we’re not going to add.

“You have a bomb” indicator

We received feedback that it is not always clear to you that you hold the C4. We are already reworking some of the parts of the interface to make it easier to understand where is what. But it is not yet completely clear whether the bomb carrier issue is a matter of game experience or a real interface problem. Anyway, we will continue to monitor your feedback on that.

"Equip" button when getting a new skin

This one is really convenient – we’ll definitely add it in the future, thanks for the idea!

TTK / weapon balance

Yes, we will improve the balance. Only now, when thousands of players get matched against each other over and over again, we are getting enough data to improve the balance of weapons and TTK. So, the contribution of each of you will be useful, even if you just play and enjoy the game. And it will be even better if you could share your opinion in our social networks.

That's all for today. If we missed something, please write about it in the comments on our social networks or in the #feedback channel on our Discord server. Community managers and the development team will carefully examine each message.

Within the next couple of days, all our attention will be directed to improving and fixing the most important issues. But much more awaits you ahead - next week we will tell you the details about what will await you in Season 1. Don’t miss!