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Developer’s Update on your suggestions

Dear players!

Last week we encouraged you to share with us our suggestions on how to improve the non-technical aspects of the game. We have received quite a bunch of your feedback and have discussed it with developers.

Let’s see which things we will implement and when.

Will be introduced in the nearest updates

1. Harsher penalties for ruiners in Hardcore

Your suggestions: You want a more severe punishment for those leaving the match. You also want a system of penalties for team kills when after the first kill of an ally, all subsequent damage dealt to the teammates returns to the player.

Our feedback: We will introduce a new system of punishment in the nearest update. We will see how it goes and if you are satisfied with it. If not, we will continue improving the system until hardcore matches become a place for competitive matches, not for team killing for fun. 

2. Nerf SMGs and automatic pistols + boost shotguns

Your suggestions: You’d like to see a greater variability regarding the use of weapons: at the moment, most fights are duels on submachine guns (SIG MPX, Desert Tech, LWRC), while in the first round, players almost always buy automatic pistols. Besides, you also ask to boost shotguns, especially Т1 and Т2.

Our feedback: We will introduce changes to the meta from time to time, but we’ll try to be very careful with it. It will not be very sensible to nerf SMGs to the ground at the moment when you started to get used to them and before the season starts. However, some balance tweaks will already be there in the next update - we’ll start with decreasing the price of some ARs.

Will be introduced later this year

1. Separate statistics for each weapon type

Your suggestions: You want to track your performance with every weapon type, K/D, headshots, etc. It might be a good idea to add such statistics to the gun characteristics menu in the customization options. One way or another, it is important to offer such statistics so that you can track it and show off to other players.

Our feedback: Actually, we haven’t thought about separate statistics for each weapon before, and this sounds like a very nice idea to us. We know that it is very important to track your performance no matter what you do, and we will keep adding new trackable stats into the game, including separate statistics for separate weapons.

2. Crossplay between PS4 and Xbox

Your suggestions: You want crossplay between the consoles, perhaps even a console-vs-console game mode, where players from one platform could compete with players from the other one. Yeah, it might be a bit frustrating when you want to play with your friends, but they own another console, and there is no crossplay yet.

Our feedback: Surely, crossplay will be there. It requires quite a large amount of development resources though, so we are planning to introduce it in the Q4 of this year.

3. Callouts for tactical actions

Your suggestions: you want to be able to use callouts to indicate movements across the map because, otherwise, random player stacks stand absolutely no chance against well-coordinated teams communicating via Discord.

Our feedback: This is something we’ll introduce first thing after we fix the most technical issues. This is indeed a very important part for any tactical and competitive shooter, so we’re planning to get it done by Q3.

4. Training mode / Hideout

Your suggestions: you’d like to have a certain training ground where you could shoot, test sights and skins, and throw grenades, perhaps even with a friend.

Our feedback: This is something we should have introduced with the game release, yet decided to move it to a later date. The hideout will appear approximately in Q3 and will be improved and updated in Q4.

5. Custom rooms

Your suggestions: it should be possible to create a custom room with custom settings and to train there. We’ll need this setting later to organize game tournaments.

Our feedback: This is a very important feature we’ll definitely introduce, but at a later time, closer to the end of the year.

6.  Region lock / Ping lock

Your suggestions: Prohibit players with high ping to access servers where users with low ping are playing. Ask for permission if the player is going to be transferred to another server, not the one they have chosen initially.

Our feedback: Not sure about the ping lock - this one will be a bit complicated to introduce, yet the region lock is possible, once we fix most of our issues, we will introduce it as well.

7.  Accessibility options

Your suggestions: We should add subtitles for all actions, as well as different color schemes to make our game comfortable for everyone.

Our feedback: Our aim is to provide a comfortable and smooth competitive experience for everyone, so accessibility options is something we’ll need to have to ensure it. We are aiming to introduce them in Q4.

Naturally, these were not the only suggestions you wrote - we received a lot of useful feedback on different mechanics, ideas on new game modes, as well as some further balance tweaks. We have noted all these suggestions and will use them in our plans for this year to make our game better and more enjoyable for you.

Thank you for your support!

Warface: Breakout Team