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Why small updates are necessary

Dear players,

We see that some of you get confused why we deliver the updates with only a couple of small fixes in the changelog and hesitate to address the mass issues affecting many of those who are currently playing the game.

Here are some things we wanted to share with you.

Internal changes

Some of the changes we introduce with each update are purely technical and are deeply rooted in the game code. They happen every update and their aim is to ensure optimized performance, mitigate freezes, increase FPS (i.e. address most of the things that are currently considered major issues of the game).

That being said, we’d like to confirm once again that we gradually make things better. Even though performance changes with every single update might remain unnoticeable, the difference between the final result and the initial performance will be hard to miss.

Every little helps

Small QoL changes introduced in each update are aimed at making the game better. The “step by step” tactics we announced before is exactly it - we keep changing things in game until these small, but positive changes ultimately affect your gameplay experience in a positive way.

The scope of issues we are currently solving is very complex. That is why we should create a basis for future updates, to make sure it works stable and then introduce massive fixes we are working on right now.

Last but not least, some words about your feedback. Whether you praise us or roast us, it helps us to understand whether we are moving in the right direction, so we really appreciate your help and would like to thank you for patience and understanding.

Warface: Breakout Team