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Developer Update - July, 30th

Dear players,

We deliver updates and get some of the things fixed, both major and minor ones. However, we think it can also be interesting for you to know what comes next, and when to expect the features we mentioned in our Roadmap.

That is why our traditional “Developer Update” will now be based on roadmap features and their delivery status - we will share with you the current state of all the issues marked as “work in progress”

We’ll use the same three main categories we had in a roadmap news.


Movement and hit registration

We have already tested a new version of our movement and hit registration system. First results show that it actually works pretty well - no teleports or distorted movement was registered during the test.

However, we’ll need to run some more tests in other test environments until we can eventually bring it for you as a ready system. We are expecting to install the new system in August.

Freezes fix & FPS improvement

Most freezes and FPS-related fixes have already been delivered on July, 9th. However, in some cases stuttering problems still might occur. Please share with us any details, preferably with a video capture, this will help us a lot.

We will keep working in this direction until the game process becomes smooth and pleasant for all our players.


Detailed player profile

In our most recent patch we added an advanced profile statistics, where you can browse K/D, Accuracy, headshots percentage, K/D ratio, time played and many other statistics for Casual and Ranked. Even though this profile stats already show quite a lot of information, we will continue to expand it, bringing you separate stats for separate weapons in the future seasons.

Grenade rework

This thing includes correct ricochet patterns, sound improvements, possibility to pick up grenades and drop them after death.

This feature will be coming to Warface: Breakout in a couple of weeks.

Daily quests

This is currently aimed to be delivered in August, and what these daily quests will be like, we’ll tell you in a separate article soon!


Basically, we have already delivered all the content we had for Season 1 - this includes all the weapon skins, apparel and body skins.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Warface: Breakout Team