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Team Deathmatch - Soon in Warface: Breakout

Dear players,

Next season will bring a new event game mode  - Team Deathmatch. Let’s check out what's waiting for us there!

What is this mode?

A match where your goal as a team is to score more frags than your opponents. Here are the basic rules:

  • 2 teams (Reapers and Wardens), 4 to 5 players in each.
  • Up to 3 rounds. If each team scores a round win, an additional 3rd round will be played.
  • Round goal - 30 frags in 10 minutes max. The winner is the team that either reaches 30 frags or scores more frags when the time runs out.
  • No friendly fire.
  • You win 2 rounds - you win the match. 
  • If at the end of the third round both teams score the same number of frags, the match is declared a draw.
  • A draw is counted as a loss for both teams.
  • Leaving penalties and surrender votes work according to casual rules.

But what if you die? Death in this mode just means that you respawn in a random spot and keep on playing. 

  • Each time you respawn, you’ll have 3 seconds of immunity and restore your health and armor. 
  • You respawn with a weapon that you’d chosen before you died.

What arsenal can I use?

You start each round with the same set of gear you have in casual: a knife, a pistol, a helmet and body armor. There’s only one difference (and quite a big one!) - you can choose any type of weapon you want, and it’ll cost you nothing. Whenever you spawn or respawn, you can change your weapons free of charge. Credits won’t be used in this game mode at all.

What maps will we play on?

Storage, Facility and a special Christmas-themed map. The maps will be modified for team deathmatch, so there won’t be any bomb planting.

We can’t wait to share more on what’s planned for this holiday season - and we will soon! Next time we’ll reveal more details about the Christmas map, so stay tuned, and see you in game!

Warface: Breakout Team