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Halloween Update - Now in game!

Dear players,

Halloween update is finally there on our servers - let’s see what is there inside.

Gun Game

A new game mode where players are divided into two teams and play until one of the players reaches 13 kills or the timer reaches zero.

The trick is, you don't just kill your opponents, but do it with a variety of different weapons. You start with an R8 Revolver, and once you make a kill with it, the revolver disappears and the next weapon, Glock-18C is given to you. Now you face your enemies with the Glock, and so on and so forth.

Here is a full list of weapons, given in the order of how you receive them:

  • R8 Revolver
  • Glock-18C
  • M16A3
  • Uzkon UNG-12
  • SCAR-H
  • M14
  • Bushmaster BA50
  • Knife

The knife is always there with you, but unless it is your final stage, knife kills won’t grant you progress. Instead, killing an enemy with the knife will regress their progress by 1 stage! That is, if you manage to stab someone camping with a Bushmaster, they will be pushed back to AUG.

Some other rules:

  • There are no rounds in this mode;
  • Players are spawned in random spawn points upon death
  • One second invulnerability is granted after every respawn
  • Players don’t lose their weapon if they die (unless killed by a knife, then they get the previous weapon)
  • Players are given free armor and helmets (like in Casual mode)
  • If a player managed to get two kills with one bullet, only one kill counts towards his progress (the first one)
  • Event rooms will only start with 10 players (5 versus 5)
  • No weapon shop
  • No leave penalty
  • No surrender vote
  • No reconnection

Halloween Progression and Leaderboard

The Halloween event also has a special event progression that consists of 20 steps and features 20 rewards - avatars, stickers, weapon skins, victory poses and 2 RUSH and HUSH masks for Reapers and Wardens respectively - our special treat!

You get experience for participating in the Gun Game mode only, and there is also a separate leaderboard for this event.

And one more thing - Halloween event will last from October, 28th to November, 11th.

Dracula avatar for logging in on Halloween

Log into the game from October 30th to November 1st, 22:00 CET to get yourself a Dracula avatar - an exclusive login reward for the day of Halloween!

Server tick rate set to 60 Hz

A not-so-spooky, but so desired update - our servers now have a tickrate of 60 Hz. This, along with a bunch of technical improvements we have also introduced today, should positively affect the gameplay and increase the performance and smoothness of your Warface: Breakout experience.

Patch notes

Apart from new things mentioned above, the update features other changes. Here is a full list:


  • Optimized the performance of shooting with shotguns and automatic weapons;
  • Optimized character movement, both on client and server side;
  • Optimized hit registration with high ping difference in a match.


  • Grenades now can explode on Oasis lawns;
  • 3D pings can no longer be placed outside playable map space;
  • Loot crate hologram no longer disappears after a box animation goes full circle;
  • Leaderboard position arrow is now displayed properly for players who made it into the leaderboard for the first time;
  • Fixed the problem when a losing team could not initiate surrender vote in case some of its players reconnected during the match;
  • Illuminated weapon parts no longer shine through weapon stickers.


  • Added 10 avatars, 5 stickers, 8 weapon skins, 1 knife, 2 helmets and 1 victory pose;


  • If you were about to throw a grenade before dying, the grenade falls out of your hand and explodes where you died;
  • Challenge cards are now marked as “New” if they have just been received;
  • Mute pings button has been disabled for enemies in the scoreboard interface.

See you in game and Happy Halloween!