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Maps Tactics: Storage

Dear players,

Welcome to our new blog about gameplay tactics on Warface: Breakout maps. If you were wondering what strategic positions “Storage” has, today’s article is totally for you.

“Storage” is a relatively small map, filled with narrow passages, boxes and above ground walkways. Even though the territory here is not as vast as some other maps, you’ll be able to find use for both short and long range weapons.

Here’s the layout of ‘Storage’.

Let’s discuss these key points in detail.

Central position

Point 1 (neutral)

Before we start talking about popular attack and defense tactics for both sites, we need to highlight the strategic importance of Point 1. This is the above ground walkway that starts right at the Reapers’ base and helps them quickly reach plant sites. In order to prevent this, Wardens should watch their backs, no matter which site they are protecting. The defending team can also choose a different strategy and flank the Reapers via this exact walkway. But if you go up there and meet no enemies, it might mean that they’re already planting a bomb somewhere.

Site A

Point 2 (Wardens)

While playing for the Wardens, here you can block access to Site A through Point 1. But make sure that your other teammates are covering the long distance between Points 3 and 6 - the Reapers can come from that direction as well.

Point 3 (Wardens)

This position is located above the ground, on one of the numerous containers. It’s suitable for sniping or covering fire for your teammates who are fighting below.

Point 4 (Wardens)

If you take a longer way around, you’ll get to Point 4 right in time to meet incoming enemies. From your cover at Point 4 you’ll be able to take down Reapers coming through Point 2 or from the attack base.

Point 5 (Reapers)

This way to Site A is long and quite difficult - you’re probably going to encounter heavy resistance from Wardens’ side. A teammate holding Point 6 can be your lifeline.

Point 6 (Reapers)

To reach Point 6 you need to ascend the metal bridge by the Reaper base. This position is for snipers or those who are good with assault rifles. From here you can save your team members from imminent death, but be aware that the Wardens can take you down from Point 3 across from you. 

Site B

Point 7 (Reapers)

One of the infiltration points to Site B is Point 7, where you’ll find only a few covers. But if you decide to run straight to the plant site and stay in the open for too long, the Wardens’ ambush may be waiting for you. Take this route only when you’re sure that Wardens’ key points are secure.

Point 8 (Reapers)

From this position you’ll notice the Wardens who are coming from behind one of the large containers in an attempt to suppress you. If you don’t spot any enemies, you can try and go straight to the far end of the blue container, close to Site B. It’s a frag spot - you can be taken down from Point 11 above you, so stay alert.

Point 9 (Reapers)

Entry point to the narrow passage between the containers. It goes above the ground, so your enemies might be waiting a bit lower at the other end of the walkway. Keep an eye on them when leaving the passage at Point 10.

Point 10 (Wardens)

You can reach this position by taking the longer way around. Throw a grenade into the passage between the crates - this is where the Reapers might come from. You can also go further ahead, to the plant site, and check if anyone is coming from behind the blue container.

Point 11 (Wardens)

A vantage point for snipers and covering fire. Holding this position, you’ll be able to spot enemies coming from behind the large containers or trying to flank you via Point 12.

Point 12 (Wardens)

To defend Site B this position bears the same importance as Point 2 for Site A. Keep this point to yourself, just in case the Reapers try to flank you through Point 1.

If you have any other thoughts on “Storage” tactics, share with us and the community! See you in our next blog!


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