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Mechanics explained - Seasonal Leaderboard

Dear players,

Along with the “Underground” update we have brought a range of new mechanics and features, yet none of them have prompted so many questions as Seasonal Leaderboard. In this article, we would like to cover the main points of how the whole system works, as well as answer some particular questions of yours in the end.


Score is the main parameter according to which the placement in the leaderboard is determined. The score is influenced by the following three factors:

  • Rounds Won. Try to win as many rounds as possible every game, since your score depends on how many rounds your team wins every match;
  • Rank Bonus. A special multiplier that is counted in a linear progression, from 0% at Rank 30 to 100% at Rank 1. Rank Bonus is not retroactive. If your Rank changes, the Score for old matches is not recalculated. Your current Rank Bonus is applied only to the new matches you participate in.
  • Matches Played. The number of matches you participated in.

Matches that can be scored

  • The score is influenced only by your performance in Ranked matches and will change according to the results of each match.
  • Each player needs to finish at least 10 matches to see their results in the seasonal leaderboard.
  • Score will remain intact if a match ended incorrectly due to an error or server reboot.

Philosophy behind the system

The system being based on the number of rounds won encourages playing until the end, no matter what. Leaving matches or intentionally throwing games is punished in this system, significantly dropping the score each time and encouraging everyone to play matches until the end.

You might also notice that KDA does not influence the score in any way. This was made intentionally, to encourage those players who might not be that precise when it comes to gunplay, but have a deep understanding of map tactics, watching lanes or use smokes and flashbangs, thus bringing their team to victory.

Questions and Answers

Now that we have talked a bit about how the system works, let’s answer a couple of questions you asked us in social networks.

Q: Is 21k the top score we can get? Is it reachable?

A: Well, technically it is possible to reach 21k and higher. This score does not have a hard ceiling. 21k is a good score, but in the long run we expect someone to beat it and to get to 22k or even higher. Time will tell!

Q: Does the score take into consideration every ranked game I play or just the best 10 games I played?

A: The score counts in all the games played within a single season.

Q: Would it be possible to have a leaderboard for casual as well?

A: We have this feature planned and it is possible that we will implement it in future updates.

Q: In the future, will we still be able to check the leaderboard from previous seasons?

A: The leaderboard will freeze between seasons and will be reset at the start of a new season.

Q: Will we get any reward for being at the top of the leaderboard?

A: Right now we are testing the mechanics and functionality, as well as adapting the whole system according to the feedback we receive from you. Currently, we see the main purpose of the leaderboard as giving the player a point of reference and a better ground for competition for those who want to compete with their friends or the whole world.

If you have any further questions about the system, feel free to ask them!

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