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New season - "Underground" - Coming on September 30th

Dear players,

The second season “Underground” is coming to Warface: Breakout on September 30th. Let’s briefly go through the main things to be delivered with the seasonal update.

New map - “Slum District”

The new map will be a nice addition to the five maps that we already have. We have tried to do our best to make it as competitive as possible, allowing for the free movement throughout the premises. The map is tailored for various combat styles and features both close-quarters areas and sniper vantage points, allowing for mid- and long-range engagement.

Weapon progression system

One of the key new features is the weapon progression system. You will get a series of assignments for each weapon in the game. Complete them to earn rewards, including weapon stripes ranging from bronze to gold, as well as new and exclusive gold weapon skins.

New customization features

"Underground" also features extended customization with new features, such as bomb skins, weapon stickers and victory poses.

  • Weapon stickers

Weapon stickers will allow you to customize your guns even further and can be attached to any skin you already have.

  • Bomb skins

Playing as Reapers you might get tired of planting the same looking bomb over and over again. In "Underground", you’ll be able to customize the C4 skin.

  • Victory poses

Another thing that was the same every time was the victory poses after the match. Now everyone is just standing in a serious pose as if they are posing for their yearbook picture. In “Underground”, you’ll be able to flex in different ways to show your opponents who’s the winner here.

  • More cosmetics

Naturally, we haven’t forgotten about the old customization ways - apparel, weapon skins, body skins - a ton of new Seasonal gear will be there for you to grab.


These are not all features coming in “Underground”. Crossplay, 60 tick rate, hideout, elite challenges and some other things will be added to Warface: Breakout during the season in future updates.

Thank you for your support!

Warface: Breakout Team