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Developer’s Update - Q&A

Dear players,

In social networks and in private messages you keep asking us different questions about our game. We decided to answer some of them in today’s Developer’s Update.

Q: Many weapons feel like they could use a nerf/buff, will there be a weapon balance patch soon?

A: Among all the good things that are expected in the big update of Season 2, there will be a new weapon balance. Small balance changes, like the ones we have already introduced in some of our patches in Season 1, will happen every now and then, but a complete overhaul of meta is not fair during a Ranked season, so big balance changes will come at the beginning of Seasons.

Q: Why are the duplicates in the loot boxes so prevalent?

A: We will reconsider the drop tables and the drop mechanics in loot boxes in the next Season, so that opening the boxes would be more rewarding. Such a change is also expected in Season 2.

Q: Why does sometimes it shows damage in the 200+s?

A: A headshot with a T4 sniper rifle can easily go beyond this number. But not only that. Say, you deal 90 damage with an assault rifle doing body shots and land a kill headshot afterwards. The result will be above 200 damage, and this with an assault rifle.

Besides, we have a system of armor penetration implemented in our game, and 100 hp + 100 armor do not mean “100 + 100 extra HP”. Depending on the penetration value of a weapon, even 130 damage would be lethal for an enemy with 100 HP and 100 armor, as 30 of this damage will go to armor, whereas the other 100 will be dealt directly to HP.

Q: What other game modes are we considering?

A: As we have written in our roadmap before, we are considering various game modes as temporary events for different holidays, but if you like them, we’ll add them permanently. However, we aren’t going to spoil anything right now - Spooktober is not here yet, you know.

Q: Why is the ping frequently so high in matches?

A: If a player is located far from a game server, they can have high ping. During the day, the game behaviour of our audience might change, and it is easier and quicker to find the party from your region during this region’s peak hours.

Q: Why did the movement system affect the hit reg?

A: Actually, by saying “movement system” we usually mean “netcode”, which includes movement, hit registration and all other interactions between a server and a client. So, by improving the netcode in general, we automatically make better all the aspects mentioned above.

And that is it for today. Feel free to ask more questions about our game, and we will try to answer as many of them as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Warface: Breakout Team