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Maps tactics: Facility

Dear players,

Today we continue our look into map attack and defense strategies in Warface: Breakout. Facility is the map of the week, as you’ve probably figured from the title of the blog. 

Facility is an abandoned factory in an industrial zone. Fighting here can be challenging, as the map is quite large and has a lot of long walkways above the ground. However, a little bit of teamwork and knowledge about the enemy's top spots can make all the difference.

Central positions

Point 1 (Reapers)
The way through the central bridge is definitely not the safest, but this route will take you closer to both plant sites. On Point 1 you and your team can assess the situation and decide which site you are going to attack. If you spot Wardens near Site B, you can either rush there and eliminate them, or head in the opposite direction and occupy Site A.

Point 2 (Reapers)
No matter which side you are attacking, it might be useful to hold this position, just in case someone flanks you while your team is busy planting a bomb.

Site A

Point 3 (Reapers)
You can enter the building on Point 3 either from the ground floor or by crossing the canal (in this case the metal bridge will lead you to the upper floor). From Point 3 you will have a clear view on the passage to Site A, but you won’t escape Wardens’ watchful eyes. Look for them in the windows of the opposite building (Point 8) or peeking around the corner (Point 7).

Point 4 (Reapers)
You can avoid an ambush at Point 7 if you go through the window at Point 4. From here you can either reach Site A or go into Point 8 across another metal bridge. You will be very vulnerable up there, so make sure your teammates have your back. For example, one of your team can infiltrate Wardens’ territory through Point 5.

Point 5 (Reapers)
Cross the bottom of the canall and take the stairs to reach Point 5. Several boxes will cover you from Wardens, but they can still wait for you near Point 9 or even closer to the stairs. If you are covering your teammate who enters Point 4, make sure that there’s no Wardens’ ambush somewhere by Point 9 or at the window at Point 8.

Point 6 (Wardens)
Here you can hide behind one of the boxes and wait for Reapers who are bold enough to rush to Site A. Plant site is clearly visible from here. Moreover, you can quickly run to Site B from here if you need to.

Point 7 (Wardens)
Step around the corner - and you will face your enemies by the window at Point 3. Welcome them with a well-placed grenade. But, don't hang out in the open too long. Reapers can appear on either floor of Point 3 or take Point 4 to your right at the bomb site or above you on the walkway at 8.

Point 8 (Wardens)
On the upper floor of this building there’s a good vantage point for sniping out your enemies and covering your teammates. You can help to get rid of the Reapers at Point 3, or prevent them from entering Site A from Points 4 and 5.

Point 9 (Wardens)
In this area you can go up the scaffoldings or stay down and control Points 4 and 5. Use cover and throw grenades to smoke out Reapers from the building.

Site B

Point 10 (Reapers)
Holding this position grants you the view of the Wardens’ side of the canal. Take a long-range weapon with you and equip it with a telescopic sight - the right gun can help you clear the opposite ‘coast’ and cross the open space safely.

Point 11 (Reapers)
After you cross the canal, you can either take the longer way around, or walk up to Point 11, to the top of the containers. А Warden sniper might already be ready to meet you, so you’ll probably want to take a few team members with you who will enter the plant site from a different direction (e.g. from Point 12) and distract the enemies.

Point 12 (Reapers)
A safer way to Site B than going directly through Point 11. However, if Wardens are protecting the plant site, it won’t be an easy fight. Pay close attention to their possible covers (e.g. boxes or Zil).

Point 13 (Wardens)
One of the positions where you can hide and wait for the Reapers to come. This strategy will be more successful if your teammates are holding one of the long-distance points.

Point 14 (Wardens)
Use one of the ground covers or ascend the scaffolding to the small one-storey building - your tactics here will depend on your weapon of choice and the positions of your other teammates. For example, if you have a long-distance rifle (sniper or AR), you will be more useful on the roof.

Point 15 (Wardens)
This garage exit faces Site B. Reapers may flank you from this side - don’t let them do it. Moreover, you can help your teammates to suppress the enemy coming from Point 12 or from the center.

This will be it from our side, but we would be glad to know about your preferable tactics on this map! Please share your ideas - and good luck on the battlefield!


Warface: Breakout Team