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Double XP Weekend & Dev Update - September, 4th

Dear players,

Here is a small update on our progress towards the next patch delivery, as well as some other things we wanted to share with you.

Next update

We are ready to deliver our next update next week and we are planning to include:

  • the update of movement system
  • the overall stability increase
  • the fix of a number of different crashes
  • a range of minor technical fixes

Map changes

Last update overhauled most of the maps, many places were changed and reworked, which led to the question of whether this will be something common in future. The short answer is - yes.

We change our maps for your comfort and for more competitive gameplay. The layout of our maps allows for a wide range of different tactics and we want all the objects on our maps to help differentiate them, rather than interfere with them.

That is why we will continue to improve the maps further and to adapt it to competitive standards. For example, we would like to minimize (if not completely exclude) all the vault and climb actions on the maps, allowing for a smoother and more consistent gameplay.

We understand that in some cases it might significantly change the map balance, but we are always monitoring your feedback, so if you think some of the changes should not be there, just let us know.

Weekend rates

We are really grateful for you being with us, so we have prepared something special for you: this weekend, the experience rates will be doubled from Friday, 15:00 UTC (08:00 AM PDT) to Monday, 09:00 UTC (02:00 AM PDT).

That means, if you play matches during this weekend, you’ll get twice as much experience, so you can progress faster. Naturally, this won’t affect your Seasonal progression in any way.

That will be it for today. Thank you for your continuous support!

Warface: Breakout Team