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Maps tactics: Sandstorm

Dear players,

In this series of articles we will take a closer look at the maps we have in Warface: Breakout and elaborate on different tactics you can use while playing for the Reapers or the Wardens.

Today’s blog is going to be about Sandstorm, a map that is situated in the middle of an ancient architectural complex somewhere in a desert. To your luck, the complex is currently undergoing reconstruction and filled with boxes and scaffoldings that can be used as covers and great vantage points. Let’s take a look at the layout of the map itself and explore various tactical positions for both defending and attacking sides.

Site A

Point 1 (Reapers)

While playing for the Reapers, holding Point 1 is vital for any strategy you have. It is a key sniping position from where you can control the middle part of the map, a tunnel, and most importantly, Wardens’ sniping sites across from you.

Point 2 (Reapers)

This is where you go when you want to rush to Site A - this way is the quickest. However, you need to be aware of possible Wardens’ ambushes that might wait for you either on a sniping spot (Point 6) or behind Site A itself (Point 7).

Point 3 (Reapers)

This position is suitable for covering fire for your teammates that are trying to break through to Site A. Keep an eye on the Wardens’ sniping spot (Point 6) and the passage behind Point 7.

Point 4 (Reapers)

A longer way to plant site A. If you are carrying the bomb, you might want your teammates to go before you and check Wardens’ Point 7 and the tunnel. Don't forget to buy some grenades - they are essential for taking your enemies by surprise.

Point 5 (Wardens)

Point 5 has basically the same tactical value for the Wardens as Point 1 for the Reapers. It is one of the main sniping positions from where you can observe the centre of the map. Make sure that one of your team is holding this position, especially at the beginning of a round.

Point 6 (Wardens)

Another vantage point close to the Wardens’ spawn base. From here you can have a clear view of Reapers’ Point 3 and spot anyone rushing through Point 2.

Point 7 (Wardens)

As some attacking players might choose to take a long way to plant site A, it is important to hold this position and eliminate your enemies at a long distance. While being at this point, you can also cover the tunnel in case someone tries to enter Site A through there.

Site B

Sniping from Point 1 is still important for the Reapers team - you might want to leave one of your teammates there to spot Wardens right across. While protecting Site B, your enemies will mostly go to the right side of the map and hold several defending positions there. A good sniper in your team can also cover you from Point 1 if you decide to reach Site B through the tunnel.

Point 8 (Wardens)

A key position on the back of the map where you can wait for the Reapers to come to Site B. Focus your attention on the walkway at Point 11 and make sure one of your team members is covering you from Point 9.

Point 9 (Wardens)

Point 9 is a great spot on the scaffoldings where you can eliminate Reapers that are coming from the tunnel or walkway at Point 12. If you are holding this position, you might want someone to cover for you in case Reapers decide to flank you.

Point 10 (Wardens)

Here you can meet Reapers either coming from their base or out of the tunnel. But watch your back, especially if no one is controlling Point 9.

Point 11 (Reapers)

One of the popular ways to plant site B is through the long passage that ends at Point 11. Wardens are going to wait for you either right there or in cover behind the boxes at point 8. If you are the one carrying the bomb, take another team member with you to provide suppressive fire. 

Point 12 (Reapers)

Another way to reach Site B is right through Point 12. It might be quite dangerous to go alone as Wardens will most likely be holding Point 9 and sniping out anyone who dares to leave the cover. You might also encounter enemies near Point 10, so be on your guard when taking this route. 

We would also like to know which strategies you prefer for this map! Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and your opinion about this new series of articles!


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