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Game update - August 27th, 2020


  • Added Daily Quests;
  • Mitigated game freezes upon side change, in the beginning and the end of the round, as well as upon changing the weapon;


  • Fixed incorrect statistics with a large number of kills;
  • Fixed wrong HUD elements displayed after giving the bomb to teammates;
  • Fixed the inventory display of items that were equipped in reward screen;
  • Fixed the display of future progression levels;
  • Fixed the situation when the planted bomb got stuck inside the object on “Storage”;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of statistics window upon reconnection or side change;
  • Fixed the crash occurring when the only remaining teammate that a player spectates leaves the match;
  • Fixed the display of bundles in the platform store. Now the description is displayed to the right of the image;
  • Fixed the sounds of interactions with some surfaces;
  • Fixed some problems with character skin display.


  • Reworked all single standing crates and climbing places;
  • Reworked grenade ricochet parameters (it is more predictable now);
  • Grenades are now dropped from dead players and can be picked.


  • Minimap now displays ground height difference;
  • Added a Win/Loss message after surrender vote;
  • You can now browse your general and seasonal progress separately after the match.