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Enjoying Warface: Breakout? Do you like watching gaming streams? Then check out some of our active content creators! See how some of our veteran players engage the competition. You might learn a couple new strats.

Content Creators

Honourable Bandits

Schedule: Mon-Fri 10 AM - 3 PM UTC & 8 PM - 12 AM UTC; Sun 3 PM -10 PM UTC

“Welcome to the honourable bandits.

A community of gamers from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe.

Join us daily for fun, games and shenanigans. We focus on playing with viewers and building awesome communities. 

We love being part of such awesome communities and helping others grow is so rewarding to me personally.

We hope to see you soon #BeExcellentToEachOther”

End of the Line

Schedule: аlmost every day around 5 PM MST

"I am 22 years old, born & raised in Colorado (still have no clue how to ski), I have been streaming/content creation on different platforms for about 5 years now on & off depending on my life situation. My jobs & life experiences have brought me all around the US traveling to most of the 50 states which has allowed me to experience many different cultures & open my eyes to many different people this allowed me to learn small things about life which can be transformed into content and allow for me to better relate and understand viewers. Due to COVID-19 I lost my job which has forced me to settle down. I don't like being complacent so I try every single day to change or make something better for my channel. 

I try & have fun while playing games, but can also pop off when I need to. Entertainment is my main goal of streaming."


Schedule: Mon-Fri 7 PM PDT; Sat 1 PM PDT

“My name is Matt, but most know me as Discoverinq and I am the leader of "The Island"! This is where explorers who travel from far and wide come to watch or join in on various first-person shooters played on my twitch channel. I offer a wide variety of competitive gameplay partnered with The Island’s artifacts, which in turn explorers can use to duel one another, gamble with my bot, DiscoversDroid, enter giveaways and place bets! Are you feeling up to the adventure? Come join myself and many others as we explore the battlefield, learn the ins and outs of each game, and strive to be the best we can be!”


Schedule: Thu-Sun 7 PM ACDT

“Variety streamer from Australia love to game and interact with others, also don't mind a good laugh.”




Schedule: Tue-Sat 5 PM - 11 PM CDT; Mon, Sun 1 PM - 11 PM CDT

"Be NICE, play MEAN." That's my motto for gaming as well as life. My gamertag stems from a nickname given when I played rugby in college. My teammates would always tell me "Nice pass, Nice kick, Nice tackle, etc." So they started just calling me NICE. 

I strive to encompass the word NICE with all the content I create. Positive vibes, good gameplay, and non-toxic chat are all things you can expect when watching my streams. I want to entertain! In between games i will play montages of clips from past streams and I'm liable to drop a freestyle for my viewers at any given moment. There is never a dull moment when I'm live!

I've been playing 'Warface: Breakout' since it first came out last year. I stuck with the game through thick & thin and my channel continued to grow as a result. I've built a solid community within the game and on twitch. I enjoy playing with viewers & players of all skill levels. It is an honor to be featured as a streamer on this article. Looking forward to many more GG's to come!

Remember on my channel "NICE guys always finish first!"


Drop by our content creators’ streams - they’ll be happy to see all of you! 


Warface: Breakout Team