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Maps Tactics: Slum District

Dear players,

The ongoing season, Underground, has introduced a new map to Warface: Breakout - “Slum District”, which is going to be the topic of today’s tactics blog. We’ll be going over popular routes and strategic clashing spots.

“Slum District” is an urban location where the battles unfold on three levels: buildings and rooftops, ground and sewer. Have a look at the layout and let’s get started:

Point 1 - Neutral

The gate at Point 1 often becomes a place of fierce gun fights, no matter which site is under attack. There are several ways to reach this spot (e.g. via the driveway), the fastest are marked on the map by the arrows - red for the Reapers and blue for the Wardens. Basically, through Point 1 you can go wherever you want, e.g. to the sewer near Site B or to the Site A building.

Site A

Point 2 - Wardens

This rooftop is one of the greatest vantage points on the map. From here you’ll be able to scan the area near Site B and around the sewer. However, the enemies are going to see you as well - so stay vigilant.

Point 3 - Wardens

On the back of the Warden base there’s a stairway that will lead you to Point 2. Here you can meet whoever tries to attack Site A (keep an eye on the building across from you) or back up your teammates coming from Point 4.

Point 4 - Wardens

Another spot that Wardens can reach right from the base. If the Reapers have chosen to plant a bomb at Site A, you’ll encounter them in the opposite building (look for the enemies by the windows) or around Point 1.

Point 5 - Reapers

One of the most advantageous positions for the Reapers, as this building has a couple of windows that allow you to take down enemies without any difficulties. Your attack at Site A can be even more effective if some of your team members approach the plant site from the ground.

Site B

Sewer tunnel

The sewer is the most useful for attacking or defending Site B. The arrow “a” indicates the entrance to the tunnel from the Reaper base. The arrow “b” marks the hole that can be easily reached either from the Wardens’ base or via a walkway by Point 1.

Entrances “c”, “d” and “e” can be used by the Reapers for a quick infiltration to Site B or by the Wardens who want to meet the enemies face to face.

Point 6 - Reapers

This is not exactly a point that you have to hold, it’s more of a milestone on your way to either Site B or Point 1. A long-range weapon can be of great help to you, whichever way you choose.

Point 7 - Neutral

This point is the front entrance to Site B. Whether you’re attacking or defending the site, use barrels as cover and don’t forget to look out for other entry points your enemies can use. 

Point 8 - Wardens

8-a is a hole in the wall that protects Site B. It can be easily reached by the Reapers via the sewer exit “b”.
8-b is a crumbled wall that one can jump across. If you already are on the territory of Site B, you can snipe down opposite team members using this breach.
8-c is a back entrance that can be used for flanking. Near this point you’ll find a small guardhouse where you can hide and wait.

That was our take on the “Slum District”. What tactics have you worked out for this map? We’d love to hear your opinion and advice! 


Warface: Breakout Team