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Maps Tactics: Oasis

Dear players,

In today’s blog we’re going to look closer at possible gameplay tactics on the Warface: Breakout map “Oasis”. This map is located in a mid-eastern palace - you can guess that right when you see the architectural style of surrounding buildings. 

Let’s go through the map layout together:

Site A

Point 1 (Reapers)

Point 1 is the entry to the sewer tunnel that goes to the garage at Site A. This is not the quickest way, but it’s relatively safe, at least until you get to the plant site. When you enter the garage, pay attention to Point 4 where a small back room is - the Wardens might be waiting for you there.

Point 2 (Reapers)

The passage that leads directly to the garage front doors. If you’re not careful enough, you’ll be fragged fast here. A well-thrown grenade will distract or even blind your enemies, and you’ll get the chance to make your way to Site A. This maneuver can also help your teammates infiltrate the garage from different directions, e.g. via Point 1, 5 or even 6.

Point 3 (Reapers)

This central hallway leads to a spacious room where you can choose your further route. This location is key to flanking the Wardens, as you can quickly rush to Point 6 from here. However, you need to be aware of possible ambushes near Point 5.

Point 4 (Wardens)

In this back room of the garage you can hide and wait for the Reapers to show up. They can come from the tunnel or one of the entrances at Points 2, 5 or 6. Luckily, this room has a large window that allows you to stay inside and take your enemies down.

Point 5 (Wardens)

If you don’t like being flanked, hold this position and don’t let the Reapers crawl past you. Watch Points 3 and 7 - and keep in mind that the enemy can also infiltrate your territory through the entry at Point 2. If your teammates are protecting the garage, this won’t be a problem.

Point 6 (Wardens)

From the stairs to the garage you’ll have a clear view to the plant site, but you’ll be an easy target. A better place to cover is behind the car or by the garage door. 

Site B

Point 7 (Reapers)

This passage connects the central room with the Site B area. To enter the aisle you’ll need to ascend the stairs, so the Wardens might notice you before you spot them. Be extra careful and check possible enemy locations (plant site, Points 8 and 10).

Point 8 (Reapers)

Another entry point to the plant site area that Reapers usually use. At Point 8 there’s a two-door passage - you can choose where you want to step to the hostile territory. You may encounter the Wardens coming from the direction of Point 9, 10 or even right from the plant site.

Point 9 (Wardens)

Here you can wait for the enemies to come from Point 7 or 8. You don't have to worry about being flanked - this position is relatively secure from this point of view. However, you probably won’t have a chance to escape from this room if the opposing team surrounds and outnumbers you. Your other team members should be around to help in this case.

Point 10 (Wardens)

The quickest route to Site B from Warden base lies through Point 10. You’ll definitely arrive there before any of the Reapers does, but the first firefight won’t keep you waiting for too long. If you’re scouting the area around Site B, make sure that you’re not exposed to possible enemies from both Points 7 and 8 at the same time. 
This will be a wrap for today’s blog. As usual, we’d love to hear about your favourite “Oasis” strategies! 


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