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Halloween update - October 28th, 2020

Dear players!

We are planning to have a temporary maintenance on our servers from 02:00 to 04:00 AM PDT (10:00 to 12:00 CET) to install an update.



  • Added Halloween-themed menu tab;
  • Added Gun Game mode;
  • Added Gun Game leaderboard;
  • Added Event Progression interface;
  • Server tick rate now equals 60 Hz.


  • Optimized the performance of shooting with shotguns and automatic weapons;
  • Optimized character movement, both on client and server side;
  • Optimized hit registration with high ping difference in a match.


  • Grenades now can explode on Oasis lawns;
  • 3D pings can no longer be placed outside playable map space;
  • Holo no longer disappears after a box animation goes full circle;
  • Leaderboard position arrow is now displayed properly for players who made it into the leaderboard for the first time;
  • Fixed the problem when a losing team could not initiate surrender vote in case some of its players reconnected during the match;
  • Illuminated weapon parts no longer shine through weapon stickers.


  • Added 10 avatars, 5 stickers, 8 weapon skins, 1 knife, 2 helmets and 1 victory pose;


  • If you were about to throw a grenade before dying, the grenade falls out of your hand and explodes where you died;
  • Challenge cards are now marked as “New” if they have just been received;
  • Mute pings button has been disabled for enemies in the scoreboard interface.