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Halloween - Soon in Warface: Breakout

Dear players,

Spooktober has been around for quite some time, and Halloween is already around the corner. Next week Warface: Breakout will get a very special update - let’s take a brief look!


Halloween event in Warface: Breakout will take place from October, 28th to November 11th. Two full weeks to enjoy a new game mode we have for you, which is…

Gun Game

Yes, a good old Gun Game mode, where you start with a handgun, but each time you secure a kill, you get yourself a new weapon. Use this weapon to kill your opponent and get another one, progress till the very end, and make your last kill with your trusty knife. And voila - you are the winner.

All the details about the event are coming soon - follow the news!

Event Progression & Leaderboard

A special progression will be available to everyone playing the event. This will be a separate progress with exclusive rewards, featuring unique avatars, stickers, weapon skins and more.

There will be a separate leaderboard for the true masters of this game mode as well!

Themed… everything

Halloween-themed looks, a bunch of new visuals, and the cherry on top - two unique masks for Wardens and Reapers. Boy, when you see the look on their faces as they see the look on YOUR face!


We don't want to spoil all the spooky secrets, the rest you'll have to discover on your own. So, next Wednesday is the day, get yourself prepared and Happy Halloween!

Warface: Breakout team