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Season 1 - Looking back

Dear players,

As of today, the first season of Warface: Breakout has come to an end. Let’s take a look at how the game has changed since the start of the Season until present day.

Technical issues

After quite a shaky start, we have significantly reworked our processes, as well as reinforced the dev team. As a result, we consequently introduced a dozen technical patches that gradually fixed all the issues brought by Season 1, as well as improved the initial technical quality of the game upon launch.

It is your feedback that guides us and exhibits the current state of the game. Here is a small video showing how your feedback influences on the steps we take to improve our game.

Roadmap milestones

Back when we published our first news about the roadmap, we enlisted various things to be added to the game within the first season. Now that they are all in the game, let’s see how they are doing now.

Ranked matches

Ranked was introduced in the very beginning of the first Season, and we have already implemented various changes into the system, as well as added some convenient features like the surrender voting.

Still, we’re open for further improvements, as we keep seeing feedback on the system as such. We’re always happy to see detailed suggestions on various scales whether it's a complete system overhaul or a small quality of life improvement.

Detailed player profile

Player statistics have already become more detailed within the first season, it is one of those features we’ll keep improving in the nearest updates.

Daily quests

Daily quests were added later in the Season, so you could find something new to achieve every day. We see that you like the feature and we will improve upon it later in future Seasons. As usual, your feedback is of the essence!

Other changes

Apart from major changes included into the roadmap, we have also introduced quite a bunch of features, among which are:

  • Quality of Life improvements - a wide range of features that make UI convenient (improved minimap, damage indicators, new UI options etc.)
  • Grenades rework - we have changed the way grenades ricochet, and they now can be dropped and picked up
  • Major changes in all maps -  we have fixed various bugs and problems, as well as allowed for unobstructed movement throughout the map layout
  • Balance improvements - slight changes and fine tuning in weapon meta
  • Bug fixes
  • Full Arabic localization


So, that was it for our first Season, and we have entered a small interseasonal phase that will last for 2 days. “Underground” is coming on September, 30th - and you wont want to miss what we have in store!

Thank you for your support.

Warface: Breakout Team