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Maps Tactics: City

Dear players, 

We’ve previously discussed tactical details for Sandstorm and Facility, and today we have a new map for you. Today’s “Map Tactics” blog will cover possible strategic points and popular routes that you can use while playing on the “City” map.

“City” is a roof of a skyscraper that’s turned into a battleground. The area is quite complex. It’s divided into three levels: underground, ground and above ground. The underground level is a maintenance tunnel that goes from the Wardens’ base to the center of the map and Site A. The ground floor is where the plant sites, both Reaper and Warden bases, as well as the greenhouse are located. Reapers can also move to either plant sites through the buildings on the left and the right side of their base. These structures as well as the one in the top middle of the map are the above ground level.

Before we start talking about popular points, let’s check out the layout of the map.

Site A

Point 1 (Wardens)
If you rush to Point 1, you might get there just before the Reapers show up in the window at Point 5 or from behind the barrels at Point 7. Be careful - you can be taken down easily. But you can protect Point 7 and Point 5 by peeking the corner. If you are quick, you can infiltrate Point 5 and enter the office building. If you choose to do it and succeed, you can take control of the Reapers’ Point 6 - and you’ll have a chance to dominate enemy territory, especially if you’re equipped with a long-distance weapon.

Point 2 (Wardens)
This place is for Wardens who prefer a slower approach and a sniper rifle for a companion. Here you’ll be relatively safe from those who enter the plant site through the middle of the map, but you’ll have a view on the enemies coming from Point 5, 6 and 7 (if you move a bit to the right). However, you need to be on your guard in case Reapers flank you through the underground maintenance tunnels or above ground middle area.

Point 3 (Wardens)
Hiding in the corner or behind a tree, is a known defending position that’s used by some players. Be aware that you’re basically in the open here, so you have to react quickly if the enemy appears on the horizon (most probably, from around Point 7 and Point 5). We recommend that you don’t hang there and move closer to Point 7 and find cover there by the stairs, right behind the barrels.
Point 4 (Wardens)
This passage is on the upper floor of the building that you can enter right from the Wardens’ base. Before hurrying to the exit in the middle, throw a grenade or listen closely for incoming enemies. You might just wait in the corner and meet Reapers with a spray of bullets.

Point 5 (Reapers)
This exit of the office building is facing Site A. Moreover, you can spot Wardens hiding by the tree at Point 3. But, even though this way to the plant site is quick, there’s a high chance that you’ll encounter heavy resistance. 

Point 6 (Reapers)
This position is one of the best vantage points on this map. A sniper here can control the middle part of the City and get rid of the Wardens who are coming from the tunnel in an attempt to flank the Reapers. You might want to fight for this point, especially if the Wardens are trying to push you from Point 5. If you let them  take this spot, they can make your life complicated by sniping out your teammates on the opposite side of the map.

Point 7 (Reapers)
You can push your way to Site A through one of the passages at Point 7. 
If you take the stairs, you’ll show up right in front of Point 3. Wardens might be waiting to ambush from behind the tree or around the plant site. 
Going around the barrels is also an option, but in this case be aware of the possible Wardens at Point 5 or ar Site A itself.
If you’re carrying the bomb, let your teammates rush forward and provide suppressive fire.

Point 8 (neutral) - the tunnel
On our map this point is marked as a neutral key point, because this tunnel exit can be taken by the quickest team. For the Wardens it’s an important position for flanking tactics - if they push through here they can take down enemies at Point 6 and prevent Reapers from entering Site A through Point 7. The Reapers, on their turn, might use the maintenance tunnel to reach Site A and flank the defence team. 
Whatever side you’re playing for, be on high alert here, use grenades and don’t push the enemies alone.

Site B

Before we get down to specific attack and defence points for B, let’s look at Point 8 again, this time - from the angle of Site B tactics. For Wardens the strategy is the same as for Site A - rush, throw grenades, provide cover from Point 4.

For the Reapers there’s a possibility to flank the enemies and infiltrate Site B at once. To do that, Reapers need to go straight through the tunnel, reach the Wardens base, take the ladder to the upper floor and turn left - you’re at the stairs, facing Site B. It’s also possible to ascend the scaffoldings and enter the building in the middle through Point 4. These approaches are quite bold and take teamwork. However, if you manage to push the enemies back and reach Site B, you’ll have a great chance to plant the bomb before anyone stops you.

Point 9 (Reapers)
A sniping position that has the same importance as Point 6. Holding this point gives you an opportunity to control the greenhouse, the middle part of the map and the opposite building. 

Point 10 (Reapers) - Greenhouse
One of the popular points of entry to Site B. While playing for the Reapers, you can either take a way around the construction or go through the greenhouse and exit by Point 11. In any case, be aware that the Wardens might be by Side B (behind or somewhere near Point 13).

Point 11 (Reapers)
This position is on the upper floor, so you’ll be able to have quite a good view of Site B from here. Enemies can be spotted right behind the plant site, by the concrete wall, or near the stairs at Point 13.

Point 12 (Wardens)
Holding this position grants you control over Site B - enemies coming from the greenhouse or from Point 11 won’t be unnoticed. However, you need to watch your back, as the Reapers might enter the passage through Point 4.

Point 13 (Wardens)
For protecting Site B you’ll need to hold your positions there and eliminate Reapers once they appear near you. Point 13 is one of the spots where you’ll have the most possibilities to snipe out the enemies and provide cover for your teammates. Moreover, from here you can either move to the wall at the back of Site B, push forward to the greenhouse or even turn back and hurry to the tunnel (just in case you need to change your position urgently).

What are your go-to gameplay tactics for this map? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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