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Mechanics explained - Regional servers & Ping

Since its launch Warface: Breakout has gathered together players from all over the world. We appreciate that and work on ensuring that such a vast community has stable connection and low ping. Deploying regional servers helps us to reach that goal.

Currently our list of regional servers includes several regions:

  • North America (Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Jose, Washington);
  • South America (São Paulo);
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Moscow);
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore);
  • Oceania (Sydney).

How do I choose a server?

When you log into the game for the first time, a server with the lowest ping is chosen automatically.

If you want to change a server, you can do it on the start screen of Warface: Breakout. The list of servers contains all the necessary information, including region names and ping that you will have on a server. 

Note that players from the same city may have different ping, as connection quality depends not only on server region, but also on Internet service providers and other technical factors. If you frequently experience connection issues, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Will you introduce more regional servers in the future?

It is possible that we will. The more users from a certain region we have, the higher are the chances to deploy a separate server. We monitor our players’ activity and make such decisions according to the data we collect.

Will my progress be intact if I change a server?

Switching servers does not affect your progress. This means that you will keep your level, performance statistics, etc. 

Do I get connected to people on my server only?

Warface: Breakout matchmaking system searches for players within your regional server in the first place. However, it may happen that there are not enough people from your region in a queue. In this case, the search broadens to other regions, so that you are connected to a match as soon as possible.

My ping in the scoreboard is different from ping of the server I chose initially. Why does that happen?

It means that you have been teamed up with players from another region. It may happen for some time until we introduce regional locks. We are planning to implement this feature within Season 1. Stay tuned for more news to follow!

That will be it for now. Thank you and good luck on the battlefield.


Warface: Breakout Team