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Game Update - July 1

Dear players,

We are planning to have a temporary maintenance on our servers from 02 to 06 AM PDT (11:00 to 15:00 CEST) to install an update.


  • Killing teammates in Free Fire mode no longer applies a penalty

Sound improvements

  • Knife hit sound has been added
  • Reduced the volume of faraway combat sounds
  • “Time left” phrase is no longer played when the bomb is planted
  • “Wardens/Reapers have taken the lead” phrase has been removed
  • “Change sides” announcement is now played at the beginning of a new round

Interface improvements

  • C4 indicator is now better visible for players carrying a bomb
  • Improved the grenade throw visual
  • It is now possible to preview the scope in the Customize menu
  • Server ping can now be browsed in the scoreboard interface
  • Players with voice chat switched off or without a microphone are displayed with a disabled mic icon in the scoreboard interface
  • Play button is now marked as “Unavailable” if someone in the squad is banned in Ranked or cannot access Ranked for any other reason

Bug fixes

  • Added localization for Rank 11
  • Avatars are now sorted properly in the Profile menu

We understand there is much more to be fixed or changed in the game, but more updates are to come, and more issues will be addressed there.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



Warface: Breakout Team