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Mechanics Explained - Ranked matches

On June 18 we introduced the very first Season in Warface: Breakout. Ranked matches are one of its main features. Today we are here to tell you all about how this new mode works.

What are Ranked matches?

Ranked matches are a game mode that allows you to compete with other players and move up a Ranked ladder. This mode differs from Casual matches in a number of ways. Here is a full comparison:

Casual  Ranked
Friendly fire OFF Friendly fire ON
Team collision ON Team collision OFF
Free armor ON Free armor OFF
Join during matches ON Join during matches OFF
Best out of 14 rounds Best out of 22 rounds
Overtime 1 to win Overtime 3 to win

Maps for Ranked matches are the same as for Casual (Sandstorm, Storage, Oasis, City and Facility).

How do I start playing Ranked?

To enter Ranked matches you do not need to qualify or gain an entry level. The mode is available for newcomers right from the beginning of their gaming experience. 

Warface: Breakout features 30 ranks, in which the 30th is the lowest one and the 1st is highest. The whole Ranked ladder is divided into several tiers, and each tier has its own progression. You need to earn 100 exp to move up from one rank to another.

Rank name Rank level
Bronze Hero 30-26
Silver Hero 25-21
Gold Hero 20-16
Bronze Elite 15-10
Silver Elite 9-5
Gold Elite 4-1

What parameters make a rank change?

Basically, the more you win, the faster you climb the Ranked ladder. You gain rank exp when your team is victorious and lose it when you are defeated. 

Note that ranks 30-20 are designed for beginners. When you are at these levels of the ladder, you will not lose ranks because of defeats. This system allows you to learn and try different tactics painlessly.

The amount of gained or lost exp depends on the following factors:

  • your current rank;
  • your position in the team list at the end of the match.

While lower ranks are quite easy to gain, higher ones can become a real challenge. The progression through them is not as fast as at the very beginning, because you will get less rank exp for winning. Fighting for these ranks will test your skills. 

Each time the exp you earn or lose is calculated through a formula that includes special constants and variables:

  • Win/Lose Base Exp is a constant that depends on your rank.
Rank Win Base Exp Lose Base Exp
30-20 55 0
19-15 40 0
14-10 25 25
9-5 20 25
4-1 15 25
  • Win/Lose Per Position Exp is a global constant (it’s 15 at the moment). It does not depend on your rank and is multiplied by your position in a team.
  • Win/Lose Team Order is a variable that depends on your position in a team list by the end of the match. For a winning team it is like that: a player who gained less points than the others scores Team Order = 1, the next player scores Team Order = 2, etc. For a losing team it is the opposite: a player with the biggest score gets Team Order = 1.

Using these numbers, the final amount of gained/lost exp is calculated:

  • Win Exp =  Win Base Exp + Win Per Position Exp * Win Team Order
  • Lose Exp = Lose Base Exp + Lose Per Position Exp * Lose Team Order

How does matchmaking work?

Matchmaking system groups players of similar ranks whenever possible.

How is toxic behaviour prevented?

Players who team kill, intentionally leave matches or go AFK get temporarily banned from Ranked matches. Penalty system is currently undergoing balance changes as we strive to make your gaming sessions more comfortable and enjoyable. We will update you with more info soon.

How is Ranked ladder connected to Seasons?

Ranking is closely tied to the seasonal system of Warface: Breakout. Each season consists of three stages, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, which will last for approximately 30 days. At the beginning of each stage Ranked ladder will be updated, and you will have to earn back several levels if you want to stay on top during the season.

This is how it works:

You move up to a certain rank in the Alpha Stage.

When the Beta Stage begins, your rank will lower. 

  • If you were rank 30-10, you will lose 4 ranks, but your rank cannot get lower than 30.
  • If you were rank 9-1, you will lose a number of ranks that is calculated via the following formula: (19 - your rank) / 2 ranks, the score rounds down. For example, if you are rank 9, the number of ranks you lose will be: (19 - 9) / 2 = 5. Your Beta Stage rank will be 14 (your current rank 9 + 5 ranks you lose).
  • Your current rank exp resets.

The same scheme applies to the transition from Beta to Gamma. 

At the beginning of the new season the Ranked ladder resets completely.

What are rewards for Ranked matches?

You will get seasonal challenge cards for the rank you acquire during each Stage.

If you achieve the 1st rank in any Stage, you will get a legendary challenge card. 

Apart from that, you can earn unique rewards for completing seasonal challenges, which also include various goals for Ranked. For example, during this season you can get various challenge cards and AK Bayonet knife.

 We hope this article has been useful to you and wish you luck in climbing the Ranked ladder!


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