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Mechanics explained - Loot crates

Although Warface: Breakout is quite easy to learn, some of its mechanics might seem not so clear to you, as we can see from your feedback. That is why we will explain some of the game mechanics from time to time, just to make them easier to understand.

Today’s topic is loot crates. We will talk about ways to get them, their content and other details.

What are loot crates?

Loot crates are boxes that contain cosmetic items you can use to customize your characters and their equipment. Nothing that you obtain from loot crates will give you any in-game advantage, it’s all about the looks.

How to get loot crates?

Common loot crates can be obtained while leveling up. You’ll get 1 loot crate for each level up to level 51, then every other level (53, 55, 57 etc.). You can see how many crates you got below the PLAY button.

Alternatively, you can always visit a game shop and purchase the loot crates there.

What are the rewards?

Common loot crates contain all the cosmetic items you can get from the game shop. They don’t contain any cosmetic items exclusive for Deluxe Edition or Seasonal DLCs.

Seasonal loot crates contain all the seasonal items of the current season. Seasonal items can be obtained only during a specific season. They don’t contain the items exclusive for Seasonal DLCs.

Types of rewards obtainable from loot crates:

  • weapon skins
  • challenge cards
  • avatars
  • apparel items
  • coins

You will get coins if you roll an item that you already have. If it happens, you get a certain amount of coins instead of a duplicate, depending on the item rarity. You can spend the coins in the game shop to purchase things you need.

What are the chances?

The chances to get the items of different rarity are the following:

  • Common: 54%
  • Uncommon: 30%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Epic: 5%
  • Legendary: 1%

You can see them in the loot crate interface.

That will be it on the topic of loot crates. Next time, we will tell you more about some other mechanics in the game that might not be clear at the first sight. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions on the next topic!

Warface: Breakout Team