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Developer’s Update on Game Issues - June 10

Dear players,

A week has passed since our last update on game issues. One patch has already been installed, another one has been sent out for verification. Let’s see which features have been fixed and which ones will be fixed in the future.

Fixed in the previous update

Here are the issues that have been fixed with the previous update installed last Saturday. These changes are already in the game.

  • Squads no longer get matched to opposing teams;
  • Enemies’ footsteps are now louder than before, so you will hear them running up behind you with a knife;
  • Voice announcer no longer says “Overtime” when it’s already the end of the game;
  • We added a server in Sydney - the ping to Singapore was way too high from that region;
  • The server with the lowest ping is now automatically chosen when you log into the game;
  • It is now impossible to get free armor in warm-up in Hardcore matches.

Top issue - Hit registration and movement

We’ll start with the problem that you most often report to us - the hit registration. This is the most important, yet one of the most complicated issues to fix.

In order to make things right and smooth, we have to try and test different types of netcode and movement patterns, and so far we have unfortunately not succeeded. However, this is our top priority right now and we are doing our best to come up with the solution that will change this aspect in our game, and you will all enjoy Warface: Breakout like never before.

We have created a dedicated team to solve this problem specifically.

Thank you very much for your support with this issue.

Planned for the next update

We have already prepared another update that is currently undergoing the verification process for both consoles. Here is the preliminary list of issues it aims to fix. Please note that the list may change according to the testing results.

  • Game freezes & FPS drops

We will optimize all maps to deal with the majority of nasty FPS drops and micro freezes that influence the gameplay in a bad way. We will continue monitoring your experience and polishing the gameplay, so that it will be as smooth as possible.

  • Penalty system for Hardcore

We will introduce a harsher penalty system for Hardcore mode - leavers and team killers will be punished more severely. The penalty will also be cumulative, i.e. it will become stronger with each consequent violation.

More information on the penalties will be available upon the update. 

  • Spawn bug

It will no longer be possible to spawn anywhere but in an initial team spawn zone.

  • Bomb defuse marker

Bomb defuse marker will now always have a higher priority than the weapon grab marker. Currently, it is sometimes very frustrating when you try to defuse, but grab a weapon instead.

  • Reworked damage counter

The damage counter now works incorrectly if you received damage from different sources. We will rework it so it will show all sources of incoming damage and thus become more useful.

  • Reconnect to Hardcore matches

We are also planning to introduce a feature where you’ll be able to reconnect to the Hardcore match you left because of connection problems.

Other issues

Finally, here is a list of issues that are being fixed at the moment, but are not planned for the next update. You could have already seen this list before, but we think it is a nice idea to keep all such issues in one place.

  • Weapons getting “jammed” after reloading

We are aware of the problem and are currently investigating it. Its reproduction pattern seems random now, so our QA team is trying to find the factors leading to this issue.

We appreciate any help with this, so if you encounter this problem, try capturing it and sending it to us in social networks.

  • Controls presets

We’ll work hard to bring you the alternative control presets until the end of June. These include left-handed config, L1/R1 aiming and shooting and crouching with R3.

  • Boxes in possession shown as holo

Thank you for noticing this, we will change this as well. This will be fixed in one of the next patches.

  • Custom rooms and spectator mode

These are the features that need quite a lot of development resources, yet they play a very important role in every competitive game, and we are already working on their implementation this year.

  • Grenade trajectory display

We are not planning to do this, but in future you’ll have a special training game mode, where it will be possible for you to test your weapons, including grenades.
Improved statistics

  • Improved statistics

We are working on every point of statistics we can log right now, so that your stats would not be limited by K/D and playtime. We hope that soon we’ll give you more information on which stats you’ll be able to track in the nearest updates. 

  • FOV slider

Let us be completely open with you - the increase of FOV might significantly influence the FPS issue, so we won’t do this until we fix the FPS drops currently happening in our game.
Once we see that FPS drops are no longer an issue, we will start working on the FOV slider.

  • Bomb timer in Casual mode

Thanks for this suggestion, it is indeed a very useful one. We’ll try to implement it in one of the nearest updates already.

  • “Equip now” button for skins

We will do our best to make it until the end of June.

That will be it for today. Thank you so much for your support, trust and patience - we really appreciate it and we really need it.

Warface: Breakout Team