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The world of Warface: Breakout

Welcome to the brutal world of Warface: Breakout. There is but one law to follow – survival of the fittest. We do find your ideals charming and sweet but it’s kill or be killed here.

Theseus corp. runs the show. This fine establishment has developed miraculous technology that helps to produce any artificial human organ, even blood. Their products are also better than the originals. Which means no ageing, no disease, no death. If you have a coin.

Social injustice, technological depravity and ever-growing hunger of the “immortals” – all this made the recent world’s history a chain of local conflicts. That’s where we come in. In our line of business, the two major fractions you might be willing to join are the Wardens of Theseus and the rebellious Reapers. But that’s a briefing for another time.